When tuning Tom Toms one must consider the kit as a whole and not simply the individual drum. Tuning each drum for maximum resonance I find produces a messy uncontrollable tone when all the drums are combined together. I start from the bottom and work up, getting the lowest clean tone possible from the lowest drum tom and moving up from there. I need to have my tuned snare on hand to check for sympathetic resonance which can make the snares rattle excessively both when the snare is being played and when it isn’t (producers understandably hate rattly wires after you hit a backbeat). Experiment with the perfect resonances for your kit.

I love the versatility of tone and expression I can extract from undamped toms, but I find to get a consistent playing surface for clean playing from such a setup I need to tune to heads very evenly. Thus I find it important to tune my toms regularly. I use Remo CS clear heads w/clear dot for extra tonal focus.

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