Picture yourself in this position: You’re in an up and coming band. You’ve gigged extensively around your local area, have an album’s worth of well gigged songs under your belt and the time has come to put these songs into the digisphere. You’ll may be producing an EP or two or maybe a full length album. You may even be planning a more 21st century release process. However you choose to release your songs, you’re going to have to record them in some kind of studio. Well my drumming brother or sister, you are about to embark on an exciting (and scary) musical journey. For a start, many drummers have never heard themselves play, or played tunes to a metronome, so have little reference as to what the tunes should sound like. The level of scrutiny upon an experienced drummer can be uncomfortable, so for a drummer at their first session this scrutiny can be quite overwhelming. One false move, one bass drum out of place, and everyone can hear it, immortalised in the digisphere for all time!

This series of posts will deal with the trials and the joys of recording. I will provide advice on what to expect, how to prepare, and how to lay down the best tracks that you possibly can. If there are any areas which you feel I have missed or haven’t covered in sufficient depth, drop me a line direct on chris@styxinthepocket.com, and I shall endeavour to produce a post to cover your question.

Till next time, happy drumming!

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