For the last month or so, I’ve been concerned by a buzzing/rattling that has appeared after I hit my snare drum.  Firstly I assumed the issue to be isolated to the snare drum and so I took it into a ‘live’ room, and tuned it. The rattling was reduced, but still there. Looking underneath the drum, it seemed as if a couple of snare wires were not sitting snug on the head. The solution – replace the snare wires or cut off the errant ones! Having performed the fix, the snare no longer rattled. But…

I returned to the studio, sat down to play and thumped the snare hard – and the rattling returns! Now normally  I don’t notice this rattle, as the snare gets hit a lot and there’s lots of other noise besides just the snare drum; but, when your in the studio and the engineer asks you to hit your snare, he sure doesn’t like it. And frankly neither do I.

Since the problem seemed now to arise only when the drum was behind the kit, I figured that the problem was to do with the drums themselves (or rather their tuning). So, I removed the high and mid toms and voila, the rattle disappeared.

Welcome, my friends, to the world of sympathetic vibration.

Next, I shall explore how to fix this problem by methods other than just removing all the drums!

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