This article is the first in a series which deals with the concepts behind orchestration and construction of drum parts in music and solos. These articles shall contain minimal focus on licks or chops, rather, they deal with the most important subject of all – drumming within the context of the music. As such, no matter what chops a drummer may have have, they exist for one purpose only – to serve the song and the listener.

My primary target group for these articles are intermediate to advanced intermediate players who have developed a consistent technique and time sense, but are having trouble ‘putting it all together’ and really contributing to the music in their favoured styles. In addition, I hope that some advanced players and teachers may also find the articles stimulating – feedback and discussion is always welcome, as are guest article submissions. I’m mindful that there are many great drummers out there – the ideas expressed in these articles, indeed on styxinthepocket in general, are only my concepts, and I would not presume to speak from a position of immutability – I am forever learning, evolving, striving to improve. .

Basic reading skills are helpful, but not vital, as all the articles shall be accompanied with example audio tracks.

Check back soon for:

  • ‘Seamless filling over a groove’


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