For the last month or so, I’ve been concerned by a buzzing/rattling that has appeared after I hit my snare drum.  Firstly I assumed the issue to be isolated to the snare drum and so I took it into a ‘live’ room, and tuned it. The rattling was reduced, but still there. Looking underneath the… Read More

Picture yourself in this position: You’re in an up and coming band. You’ve gigged extensively around your local area, have an album’s worth of well gigged songs under your belt and the time has come to put these songs into the digisphere. You’ll may be producing an EP or two or maybe a full length… Read More

I predominantly play a 1974 Slingerland Artist model snare drum with the following modifications: Hand filed snare beds Trick strainer attached via a retroplate 20 strand Puresound snare wires    … Read More

Snare drum setup, along with ride cymbal selection, is probably the most subtle and personal aspect of drum kit playing. Below is how I have come to setup my snare drum. I find the that the snare side head has limited impact on the sound of the snare but a massive influence on the feel… Read More

There are 4 main categories of batter (hitting side) drum heads, all of which: coated texture coated (great for brushes) clear Controlled sound (clear or coated) The most common choices are coated, for instance, perhaps the most famous drumhead of them all, the Remo coated Ambassador, is a common choice for snare drums. A beginner… Read More

When fitting  new head to the bass drum, I first seat the head by tension evenly and relatively tightly, and leaving for a few hours. I also stand on the head till. To tune the head ready for use, I find the lowest tension which produces a clear tone, and tune the batter head  up… Read More

When tuning Tom Toms one must consider the kit as a whole and not simply the individual drum. Tuning each drum for maximum resonance I find produces a messy uncontrollable tone when all the drums are combined together. I start from the bottom and work up, getting the lowest clean tone possible from the lowest… Read More

I use Remo CS clear w/clear dot on the both the resonant and batter sides of my bass drum. On the dot I place an Evans patch for increased beater attack. Since CS heads are ambassador weight, they need to be damped quite heavily (I use a heavy blanket) in order to provide a consistent… Read More

I use Remo CS clear w/clear dots on all my toms. I find these Ambassador weight heads produce a brighter and richer tone than their coated counterparts, and extra durability than their clear equivalents. The reinforced dot area will not dent, but one does have to be careful not to hit the outer area too… Read More