I play a 6 piece drumset in the following configuration for virtually everything I play on:

Bass drum: 22″x18″

Snare drum: 14″x5.5″ modified 1972 Slingerland Artist model snare WMP

Floor Tom: 16″x16″

Rack Tom Toms: 13″x10″ (bd mounted), 12″x9″ (bd mounted) , 10″x8″

Ride Cymbal: Avedis Zildjian 22″ ping ride,

Hi-Hats: 13″ Avedis Zildjian new beat Hi-Hats, Xhats -15″ Avedis Zildjian Rock Hi-Hats

16″, 18″ Zildjian A custom Crashes, 15″ Avedis Zildjian Rock Hats

Heads: Remo CS clear w/clear dot on top (subject to availability). Otherwise Remo CS clear w/black or white dot on top. Using the same heads on each drum I find leads to a noticeably more warmer tone and consistent playing surfaces.

Iron Cobra double bass drum pedals

For more information about my kit and my reasoning behind its design, read the posts below.