I am a drum teacher with a fresh and vibrant approach. I teach all ages and abilities ranging from beginner to professional.  I cover all aspects of drum set playing from ensemble playing, to technique and reading and soloing. I strongly believe in covering a broad variety of styles with all my students, even those who wish only to play one style. In order to learn how to rock, one must first learn how to swing!

In today’s musical environment playing by is far more important than in times gone by, and I place great emphasis on playing by ear, particularly since I taught myself to play originally entirely by ear. However, I believe that all drummers should be able to read and I make heavy use, explicit or implicit, of the following excellent resources.

  • Ted Reed – Progressive steps to syncopation for the modern drummer
  • Trinity drum set grading series
  • John Ramsay – The drummer’s complete vocabulary as taught by Alan Dawson
  • Pete Sweeney – The Versatile Drummer: A Complete Course in a Variety of Musical Styles

Places I currently offer lessons.

  • Holmes music Swindon with 2 drum kits side by side.
  • ‘Unit 2’ in Salmon springs, Stroud
  • Katherine Lady Berkely School in Wooton Under Edge
  • Email now to book your free* introductory lesson!

*Free 30 minutes teaching but room booking fee of £6 required. Offer doesn’t include school lessons.